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Mobile Solutions

Computing device used whilst in transit

Mobile solutions means many things to many people. We are all are familiar with office applications that are available on smart phones like Windows Mobile and Blackberries or PDAs. Satis takes the definition one stage furtherby utilising the communications capabilities of these device to connect the mobile workforce directly to back office systems. The ability to provide the mobile worker with real-time information and to be able to send information directly from the field into the back office applications improves efficiency, reduces errors and can give companies genuine competitive advantage. By using a mobile's device GPS additional addition information can be captured to further improve efficiency e.g. current position, time and duration of visits etc.

Satis can provide a range of mobile solution ranging from simple browser based applications to full scale mobile application. Solutions generally fall into 2 categories. The fist relies on mobile 2/3G availability for the application to work. The second allows the application to function even when there is no 2/3G signal.

- Connected Mobile Applications

Connected applications rely on the connection to the server side data being always available. If a connection isn't available or is intermittent due to a low signal then the application will not function. Depending on the application this may not be a problem for example synchronising mail,appointmentsor next job details. The mobile worker simply tries again when a signal is present.

- Disconnected Mobile Applications

Disconnected or occasionally connected applications will invariable use the data capture and storage capabilities of the mobile device. The device will download and store the required data from the back office when a connection is available. This data will be available even when disconnected. Data capture will be to the mobile devices database and uploaded when a connection is available. Synchronisation and data conflict resolution may be required depending on the application.

If your business relies on a mobile workforce eg sales, delivery, maintenances or surveyors , then Satis will be able to provide a mobile solution that meets your precise needs.


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